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May 19– 25, 2024

Hypocrites, Dogs, and Swine

Topic: The Sermon on the Mount
Memory Text: Matthew 7:5
Project: Memory: Matthew 6:14-15

Key Points: What kind of love does Jesus have for us? (Jeremiah 31:3).

In order not to be a hypocrite, what must we do before we point out others' errors? (Matthew 7:5).

Identify the motto in Colossians 1:27.

Read Romans 5:6–11. Which verses say clearly that Jesus died for your


What is Jesus talking about in Matthew 7:6? What should we do instead for people who reject the light? (Matthew 5:44, Mark 9:23).

Without Jesus’ wisdom, we cannot know who is dead to spiritual things. Read Matthew 15:21–28. Did the disciples think the woman in the story was a “dog”? Did Jesus agree? How do you know? For help understanding this story, read The Desire of Ages, pp. 399–403. (You can find this book at