Camper Application

Dates and Descriptions

YD camp takes place in a unique setting where young people ages 12–17 are encouraged to gain new skills in God’s great outdoors while strengthening their walk with the Lord.

No matter which week campers attend, they can expect to enjoy YD’s famous “Friendship Feast,” memorable music, and exciting outreach opportunities. Campers will learn new methods of getting into the Word for themselves, and find themselves growing in ways they may not have expected—all while making friends for life and eternity.

Campers will also enjoy a wide range of class options such as wilderness survival, mission pilot ground school, search & rescue, literature evangelism, fire building, canoeing, child evangelism, health evangelism, choir, orchestra and much more. Classes may be selected approximately 4–6 weeks before camp begins.

Week 1: July 15–22, 2018 

Week 2: July 22–29, 2018

Important Details

LODGING: Enjoy a real camping experience! Lodging will be in cabin tents or simple wood cabins.

FOOD: Tasty, nondairy vegetarian meals will be provided.

STAFF: Staff are carefully selected based on their, commitment to the Lord, high Christian standards, abilities, and love for young people. A high staff-to-camper ratio is maintained.

VOLUNTEERS/PARENTS: Staff volunteers are vital to the camp program! Service positions are available in a number of areas, but especially for food preparation. If you know of someone that may be able to serve, please contact the YD office or have them download a staff volunteer application online. Unfortunately we are unable to offer meals and lodging for non-staff parents or family members.

WELLNESS: Medical staff will be stationed on campus while EMS services and a medical clinic are just a few minutes away.

FINANCIAL: The camp fee of $370 covers meals, lodging, camp activities and most class options. A nonrefundable application deposit of $50 is due at the time of application, and is deducted from the balance due. Limited needs-based financial aid may be available. Please contact the camp office for more information.

TRANSPORTATION: Bus service from/to Spokane International Airport is available for campers arriving by 2:30 pm on Sunday, July 15 or 22, and flying out after 1:00 pm on Sunday, July 22 or 29. Cost is $20 per direction per camper. The camp cannot provide pickup/drop-off service outside of these times.

FLIGHT INFORMATION: Begin looking for discount airfares starting in the late winter or early spring. Check sites such as, and for sales. Please be sure your application has been accepted prior to finalizing travel plans.

PHONES/ELECTRONICS: We believe that camp should be a place to make friends, enjoy nature, and learn about God. To best acheive these goals, camp policy requires that phones, games, computers, media players, etc., be left at home or checked into camp customs for safekeeping. Campers needing to place approved calls (i.e. family emergency), may do so in the camp office under the guidance of their counselor. Parents are encouraged to send messages to their children via mail, E-mail, or fax.

REGISTRATION INFO: Campers will check in on July 15 and 22, from 2–4 pm. Campers may not check in before this time. Camper checkout will be on July 22 and 29 from 10:00–11:30 am.

Camp Codes

FOOD: Campers may not keep food items in their lodgings. Food for special diets may, by prior arrangement, be stored in the camp kitchen.

DRESS CODE: Girls: Sturdy, modest dresses, skirts, or jumpers. No crop tops or low necklines. Pants with fingertip-length tops are recommended for some activities. Boys: No shorts or tank tops. Shirts should be tucked in. No baggy or low-riding pants. Both: Nothing sleeveless. Avoid ungodly words or pictures on clothing.

SOCIAL RELATIONS: YD camp encourages friendly interaction among campers. However, intense and/or romantic relationships between campers are not permitted.

COMPETITION: The spirit of competition in all its forms is discouraged.

ITEMS TO LEAVE AT HOME: Portable media players, cell phones, food, gum, electronic or card games, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, secular reading material, makeup, nail polish, jewelry (including rings), weapons, or anything that would detract from the goals and atmosphere of camp.

WHAT TO BRING: A list of what to bring will be included in the acceptance packet.

How to Apply

WHO SHOULD APPLY: Young Disciple Youth Bible Camp is for young people ages 12–17 who want to grow in their relationship with the Lord. Those without this objective should not apply. Any camper who refuses to abide by camp policies will be sent home at his/her expense and will forfeit his/her fees.

TO APPLY: Each applicant should completely and personally fill out a camper application form. If the application is not accepted, the deposit will be returned. Space is limited, and applications will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Application Form: Not yet available, please check back later.

Contact Information:

Young Disciple Camps
PO Box 400
Inchelium, WA 99138

Phone: 509-722-4300
Fax: 509-722-4304
Email: click here

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