Need a spiritual boost during these uncertain days? How about free YD magazines!

Dear Young Disciples, 

Your life is probably in as much upheval as mine is right now! My church is closed, and maybe yours is too. I wanted to make sure you have access to the peace and joy—and spiritual boost—available from reading the inspiring stories and studying God’s Word with YD magazine.

So, during this coronavirus outbreak, you can download each week’s Young Disciple magazine for free right here.

Every Friday at noon Pacific Time a download link will be posted for the next week’s magazine.

I am praying for all of you young disciples out there that God will keep you safe, and draw you closer to Him during this time!


Your friend,
Janet Evert
Editor, Young Disciple magazine


October 25–October 31, 2020

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November 1–November 7, 2020

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