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Young Disciple Youth Bible Camp Audio. YD Camp audio recordings are online! Click the following link for a little sample the blessings received: Camp Audio Recordings

Truth 4 Youth in new languages! This popular, easy-to-use evangelistic program for kids is now available in English, French, Spanish, Yoruba, and Korean! If you are planning an evangelistic series either at home or abroad, don't neglect the children. Instead, reach them with Truth 4 Youth! If you would like to see this program in another language, and you have translation skills, please contact the YD office.

2017 YD Mission Experience. Plans are already in place for the 2017 Mission Experience to Cuyo Island, Palawan, Philippines. This is an opportunity to do real mission work as a public evangelism speaker, child evangelism team member, or health evangelist. Team members will also have opportunities to do Bible work, music evangelism, and door-to-door work. Applications are now online. In fact, the team is about half complete!

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