YD Camp Online

Welcome to YD Camp Online!

YD Camp had to be cancelled, and that made us very sad, but we're thrilled to be able to host Online Camp, and hope that you will join us. Find out more about the program below: 


Every day we will livestream two programs that are YD Camp favorites, the morning Deep Bible Study class (with Eugene Prewitt), and the evening Campfire program (with Nemy Antenor). Watch these programs live here

Deep Bible Study: 10:00 am Pacific Time, July 13–17

Campfire: 4:30 pm Pacific Time, July 12–14 and 4:00 pm Pacific Time July 15–18

YD Uploads

Do you have photos or videos to share from your YD Challenges? Share them with us at the link below. Can you sing, or do you have friends/family that also sing? If so, record a few of the YD Scripture Songs and upload your recordings here as well. 

YD Uploads Form

YD Challenge!

We know you love the YD Deep Bible Study and Campfire programs, but we also know you love the other parts of the program too! That's why we created the YD Challenges. Be prepared to test your physical, spiritual, and mental strength! Each challenge (except the Surprise Challenge) has a mini-booklet to keep track of your progress. In order to complete the YD Challenge, complete one of the Outreach Challenges, the Bible Memory Challenge, the Fitness Challenge and the Bible Study Challenge. Complete the Bible Study Challenge to unlock the next day's "Surprise Challenge."

How to Fold a Mini-Booklet

Daily Challenge Log

Submit your daily reports here to unlock the next day's "Surprise Challenge"! We also want to know how you are progressings, so be sure to log your progress each day! We'll announce the finalists each night at campfire. Do you have photos or stories to share? If so, please share those with us too!

If you missed logging Thursday's challenges, you can do that here.

Log Friday's challenges here 

Neighborhood Outreach Challenge

Witness to your neighbors during COVID-19. 

Click here to begin!

Truth Rocks Outreach Challenge

Paint your own rocks to share the message of God's grace. 

Click here to begin!

Bible Memory Challenge

Memorize Psalm 46:1–11 this week.  

Bible Memory Challenge Mini-Booklet

Fitness Challenge

Stretch your physical fitness level!

Fitness Challenge Mini-Booklet

Bible Study Challenge (Deep Bible Study Assignments)

This week's theme text is Psalm 46. To complete this challenge watch each day's Deep Bible Study class, and complete the daily assignment.

Deep Bible Study Assignments Mini-Booklet

My Devotions Booklet

Surprise Challenge

Read the "YD Challenge" section above for a brief overview.  

Monday's Challenge: Stay in a Tent! Camp wouldn’t be the same if most of the day was spent indoors. If you don't have a tent, you could use a hammock instead, or even try cowboy style and just stay under the stars. 

Tuesday's Challenge: Camp Photo. Every year at YD Camp we take a group photo, and this year is no exception, it's just going to be a little different! Some time today please try to upload a photo of yourself here. We'll put together a collaged photo and share it with everyone!

Wednesday's Challenge: Linecall. "Young Disciples, Attention!" Linecall is a part of YD Camp every day, to bring everyone together before meals and campfire and make sure no one's missing. And we want none of you missing! Upload a video of you and your family or friends doing linecall by 2:30 pm Pacific Time today. Send it to us here. We'll put it all together and share with everyone! 

Thursday's Challenge: Camp Food. Today is Camp Food day! This Surprise Challenge is to make a favorite YD recipe! Here are a few suggestions: Breakfast Burritos, Biscuits & Gravy, Potato Salad, Peanut Butter Pie, Strawberry Applesauce, Banana Splits. Click here for recipes. Upload a picture of your Camp Food and send it to us here. We'll put them all together and share with everyone! 

Friday's Challenge: Camp Mail! One of the things that happens at YD camp is Mail Call, when campers receive camp-o-grams from other campers and staff, emails from home, and even some snail mail! While we can't have a real mail system during online camp, sending a YD postcard is still an option! Several YD postcards can be printed here


Questions? Contact the YD office at 509-722-4300 or click here to email.